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We have learned that the best way to create a satisfied customer is through the kind of personal service that can only be offered by listening to your needs and then finding the best product, whether rebuild, remanufacture, or repair your existing module, to meet your specific needs. We understand that an Electronic Control Module can be a major purchase, especially if your vehicle is immobile due to the affected module, and a quality and speedy service leading to your satisfaction is our only goal



The majority of a vehicle’s components these days are operated by electrical systems; something that is very different from previous decades. This can make many issues slightly harder to diagnose, especially for individuals who want to repair their vehicle themselves. However, in many cases, electrical problems are easy to repair. It’s important that individuals arm themselves with knowledge about their vehicle’s electrical systems, whether they want to attempt DIY auto electrical repair or have it repaired by a professional mechanic.



“If your vehicle needs a computer diagnosis, don’t be alarmed. This is often the most efficient and cost effective way for an automotive technician to diagnose a problem,” The ability of technicians to determine what additional tests are needed, and to accurately interpret both test results and computer network data, comes from extensive training and experience.We use vehicle computer diagnosis in much the same way surgeons employ medical testing. In both cases, combining test results with expert knowledge and skilled hands can lead to an accurate diagnosis and an ultimate cure.



Have a ECU or any other module (NEW or USED) replaced that need to be programmed and or coded back to your vehicle? Maybe a key that need to be programmed?  We have the solution for you.!  We can program and reflash every module in your vehicle.


There are some vehicles that woon't let you install used a module bought out of the wrecking yard, therefore you must buy a brand new one, like a ECM's....  We can program a used module to work on the vehicle  as the original. 



Have your ride a problem and the check engine light is on?  We will fully check your vehicle with the most advanced and up to date diagnostic systems, along with a smoke test to ensure that  there is no vaccum leak is left behind...



We repair it too !!!  After a repair is completed,  a full scan and height calibration is performed.

Our replacement parts come with a 2 years warranty from manufacturer.

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